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[Success Story]: Adopting a Mobile Cross-dev Strategy

The Problem

  • Crédito Agrícola had developed mobile banking apps focusing consumers.
  • The apps were developed using native languages for iOS, Android and Windows.
  • The success of the consumer apps was a driver for creating apps for enterprise customers.
  • However, due to the effort needed to develop and maintain the native apps, Crédito Agrícola was looking for a cross-platform solution that could be used.
  • The objective was to reduce the TCO of the enterprise apps while also decreasing the time-to-market.

Our Analysis

  • Developing native apps for enterprise customers was not possible, so a cross-platform solution was needed – but it couldn’t imply compromises in terms of usability or performance.
  • The Xamarin Platform would allow reusing a part of the existing C# code (from the Windows app for consumers) to reduce TCO and time-to-market.
  • Since using Xamarin allows access to 100% of the native APIs for all platforms, the native UX/UI could be ensured, according also to Crédito Agrícola’s objectives.
  • Using Xamarin Test Cloud would allow us to test the app’s behavior in different devices, by automating tests.
  • Xamarin Insights would allow us to get complete information about Crashes / Warning as well as user behavior.

The Results

  • Mobile banking project for 3 platforms, a reference for both Xamarin and Microsoft.
  • First version of the app delivered in approximately 3 months, and the second one 2 months after that.

Project Tech Usage

  • Visual Studio / Xamarin Studio.
  • Xamarin Platform.
  • Xamarin Insights.
  • Xamarin Test Cloud.
Ana Paneiro[Success Story]: Adopting a Mobile Cross-dev Strategy