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[Success Story]: Using a Hybrid Approach to build a Self-care Telco Solution

The Problem

  • Before the project our Customer had Native Apps for iOS and Android.
  • Every feature added to the App was developed from scratch in both platforms, leading to the double of the effort for the implementation of each new business requirement.
  • Every small feature added to the app required a submission and review on the App Store. The review process was a bottleneck in the delivery of functionality to the customers.
  • There was no effective control to change the app interface without submission of a new version to the App Store.
  • Business asked for a Mobile Site targeting any kind of Smartphones and Tablets, while providing the same user experience and functionalities of the native app.

Our Approach

  • Work with the Customer to define business requirements, app design and user experience.
  • Define the system architecture, select the best technologies and frameworks for the project.
  • Develop the solution, working side-by-side with the Customer
  • Assist the Customer in the delivery to the App Stores
  • Provide go-live support and on-going developments

Project Tech Usage

  • Server Side Components
    • JBoss Application Server
    • MySQL
    • JSF
  • Presentation Components
    • BackboneJS
    • RequireJS
    • jQuery
    • iScroll
    • PageSlider
    • Client Components
  • iOS App and Android Native Apps
    • Mobile Web Site


  • The customer can add and remove features, fix bugs and perform improvements without the submission of new versions to the app store.
  • 80% of development effort is reused across different platforms (iOS, Android and Web Site).
  • Changes in the native apps are very rare, approximately 2 in a year.
  • Users have a user experience similar to the use of a 100% native App.

Ana Paneiro[Success Story]: Using a Hybrid Approach to build a Self-care Telco Solution