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FusionCharts Plugin 5.0.0: What’s New and How It’ll Make PENTAHO Users Life Easier

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User’s favorite tool to create killer data visualizations inside Pentaho Business Analytics, just got new features. Our development team announces the version 5.0.0 of FusionCharts Plugin for Pentaho. Besides some really cool new features, this version will provide new interactive charts and some additional performance capabilities.


FusionCharts on EE Dashboards, CDF, CDE and Analyzer

Are you thinking about upgrading your Pentaho version? No worries, FusionCharts Plugin for Pentaho just keeps getting better enabling you to create even more powerful data visualization in the latest Pentaho version (6.0). So now you can enjoy these and all the other features on EE Dashboards, CDF, CDE and Analyzer. Enjoy!

More Power to End-Users

We have also improved performance, rendering is now fully done on the client’s side and asynchronously, we’ve integrated more chart types. At this point, we would like to highlight the Drag Node chart. As if it wasn’t enough we now have a dynamic engine that enables you to automatically associate FusionCharts attributes to your data and also use call backs to answer the toughest requirements in terms of styling.

Export them all to PDF or PNG

Since this was for sure one of the most requested features and to prove that we listen to our client’s needs, we made PNG and PDF part of our available exporting formats. Amazing Right? Check out the Pentaho Marketplace for more information about these and all the other features in this release. We would love to hear from you. So, if you have any customer stories on how you’re using FusionCharts Plugin for Pentaho, please share it with us.

FusionCharts Plugin 5.0.0 Introduction

Create Appealing Reports Inside Pentaho Business Analytics

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Ana PaneiroFusionCharts Plugin 5.0.0: What’s New and How It’ll Make PENTAHO Users Life Easier

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