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Xpand IT becomes an IST Spin-Off member and has launched “Missão Aproximar – Educação”

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In the past month, two major events occurred at Instituto Superior Técnico (IST). On November 17th, it took place the 8th IST Spin-Off Community Meeting. This meeting brings together technology-based companies created by teachers, researchers and former students from IST University to recognize their impact on society.

Xpand IT, a company that has already 13 years of operation, was represented by Rui Maia, Partner & Chief of Human Resources Officer. Rui stated that was an honor to be part of the community. “We wish a great success to this community and to all its members”.

Another event that occurred in the past month was the launch of Xpand IT scholarship “Missão Aproximar – Education”. Inserted in the company’s Social Responsibility Program in the Educations area, Xpand IT has decided to create a scholarship that financially supports students that have educative merit and whose social situation requires this kind of help. This year, the scholarship was awarded to Pedro Lopes. Besides this scholarship, Pedro will get regular follow-ups throughout his course, provided by the Xpand IT group.

Xpand IT always had a strong social responsibility component. So we decided to extend our ‘Community’ program to cover another branch, in this case ‘Education’, in a more structured way, sponsoring a scholarship to a student who truly needed it.

Rui Maia, Partner & Chief of Human Resources Officer at Xpand IT.

In recent years there has been an increasing number of students dropping out their courses due to lack of financial conditions. I welcome your decision and support. This scholarship will help us ensure that the number of students dropping out, can be reduced.

Jorge Morgado, Vice-President of Técnico for Academic Affairs.

Ana PaneiroXpand IT becomes an IST Spin-Off member and has launched “Missão Aproximar – Educação”

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