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We believe that the Big Data challenge is the ability to manage large volumes of data provided by different departments to detect valuable insights.

Our secret is a multi-disciplinary team with top of the line skills in leveraging distributed data processing technologies mixed with an agile and interactive approach and a set of power technology partners like Cloudera, Confluent, Datastax, and MongoDB.

Looking for Big Data Experts? We have a data-driven team for hire!

How Can We Help?


You know your business. We know DATA, and we strive to work with you to envision all possible ways to extract value from it, to define and develop a Big Data execution plan.


Our Big Data experts with mastery in Cloudera Hadoop and NoSQL Databases can help you develop NRT (near real-time) and batch data pipelines for all types of data.


We help customers define, install, configure, manage and tune a distributed data environment. We can help you establish and adopt Big Data software such as Cloudera Hadoop, Mongo DB, and Datastax/Cassandra.

Technology Use Case

Data HUB

Either you need to understand customers better, better manage your operations, build better products and services or reduce and control risk, DATA is centric. The ability to bring to one place data coming from both outside and inside your organisation, from operational systems, sensors or social networks, with virtually no volume constraints, at varying speeds, at an affordable cost, enables you to attain a competitive edge over your competition.

This is what a Data Hub approach can do for you – a Data Lake supported on Hadoop, which brings data and compute together to enable the data-centric enterprise.

ETL Off-loading

If you are like all other organisations in the world, your data processing window and needs are constantly under pressure. Data volume and pipeline complexity are ever increasing, and your traditional ETL approach is unable to cope with the demands. What if you could take advantage of modern data processing techniques based on distributed systems to leverage a scalable data infrastructure and processing frameworks to run your ETL at a manageable cost? That is what ETL Offloading on Hadoop can offer you.

Real-time Solutions / Platform

Sometimes, you need to act on data as soon as it is produced, either on analytics, recommendation or other operational capacities. Big Data technologies and Hadoop in particular, through components such as Kafka and Spark, offer you the ability to build near real-time solution for data processing. Working hand in hand with NoSQL data engines, such as MongoDB or Cassandra, for fast persistence and retrieval of data, makes the once impossible scenarios, possible.

Case Studies

Data Hub

Data Hub

Implementing a Data Hub solution for a Fund Management Institution

Telemetry Data

Telemetry Data

How to successfully collect & manage Car Telemetry data.

Data-centric Strategy

Data-centric Strategy

Implementing a Data centric Business Strategy in the Retail Industry.

Real-Time Event Processing

Real-time Event Processing

Build event processing pipelines for near real-time business analytics.

Tecnologies & Partners

The challenge of Big Data initiatives is the ability to manage large volumes of data provided by different organizational departments and capable of detecting valuable business insights. Let’s do something big?

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