Xpand IT announces Pentaho & Big Data Ecosystem Live Seminar

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This corporate event will include presentations on world leading BI and Big Data solutions such as Pentaho, Hadoop/ Cloudera, Mongo DB or Vectorwise. The seminar will be focused on new generation of methodologies & technology capable to generate competitive advantages based on large volumes of data.

Xpand IT, global company with expertise in Business Intelligence, Big Data, BPM & Enterprise Middleware, Cloud Solutions and Enterprise Middleware, today announced the Pentaho & Big Data Ecosystem - Live Seminar in Lisbon. Nowadays, while the volume of data continues to grow at an astonishing rate, companies keep looking for methodologies and tools that can analyze different types of information. The combination of the new generation of BI & Big tools is an effective way to extract economic value, reducing costs compared with legacy tools and ensure a high level of performance. The seminar will take place at Altis Belém – Hotel & SPA – Lisbon during the next 27th November between 08:45 and 12:40. Registrations are free, but limited and now available at Xpand IT website.

Pentaho & Big Data Ecosystem will be divided into two parts. The first part will introduce Pentaho Business Analytics 5.0 (BI Solution), followed by the AIRC Customer Success Story. In the second part, we will explain the thematic Big Data and introduce some of the best tools such as Hadoop/ Cloudera, Mongo DB and Vectorwise, to demonstrate all the new analysis features for large volumes of data with different origins. The event is directed to managers in areas such as Business Development, Information Systems, Finance, Data Warehousing, Infrastructures, Data Analysts, Information Security among others. The initiative will provide all attendees a vision on how Pentaho, Hadoop/Cloudera, Mongo DB and Vectorwise can create value as tools for capture, discovery, management and analysis with high-speed and performance.


Nowadays, while the volume of digital content continues to grow, organizations are facing new challenges, forcing the adoption of new methodologies and tools to solve these problems. This event will explore the new ways that companies already have to connect to an ecosystem of innovation and thus support their decisions facing the new IT paradigms. This initiative aims to introduce some of the most recognized open source tools used by several Fortune 500 companies and present some methodologies to answer to all of these new challenges.

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