Xpand IT helps AIRC to create BI solution for Public Administration

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AIRC – Market Leaders in Software Development for Portuguese Public Administration has created a new Business Intelligence solution using open source technologies provided by Pentaho portfolio. AIRC Solution named “biairc” is now available in 3 versions: Finance; Performance and Executive.

Xpand IT, global company with expertise in Business Intelligence & Big Data Solutions and AIRC – non-financial public enterprise unit leader in software development for Portuguese Public Administration, today announce a customer success case in the BI industry. This project integrates the best features of open source technologies to build a BI Solution able to meet new challenges and business goals in the Public Administration and local business market. Xpand IT strategic plan and its implementation, allowed AIRC to expand its product line with an open & flexible solution that reduce costs and increase productivity. This BI solution is aligned with open source strategy that has been implemented in the Portuguese Public Administration.

In times of crisis and scarcity of resources, it is imperative that management refer to best practices in order to promote greater efficiency of organizations. Among the various options available in the market, AIRC chose Pentaho Business Analytics because of its high level of maturity, great flexibility enabling implementing the toughest requirements and significant lower costs in terms of implementation and maintenance. The technology gave a boost to AIRCs offering, being decisive on the construction of the platform and adding “biairc” dashboards, scorecards and predefined reports that show all the information of the organization.

This project helped AIRC to create a fully adapted solution to the current customer requirements and business goals. “Xpand IT demonstrated a profound knowledge on the best open source solutions. With their cooperation, we transformed our BI solution, adding new features provided by other technologies with high level of maturity. Now we can offer a more agile, scalable and cost-efficient solution” – Ricardo Riquito, Marketing & Sales Director, AIRC.

Xpand IT is “Pentaho Gold Partner” and “Pentaho Certified Training Partner” in EMEA Region. With expertise in Business Intelligence and several customer success cases around the world, Xpand IT uses a distinctive approach supported by tools, processes and agile methodologies fully mapped with CMMI to provide the best projects.

Biairc - screenshots

biairc screenshoots

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AIRC is an non-financial public enterprise unit founded by 30 municipalities in the central Portuguese region. AIRC's main activity is to develop software and deliver products and services targeted to the Local Public Administration.Nowadays AIRC has a strong structure with about 100 professionals, with high skills in research and software development, consulting, training and technical support. The experience and know-how accumulated over the last 3 decades, combined with the quality and commitment of human resources, allowed us to build a valuable product portfolio that practically covers all the business areas in the local public administration.


Xpand IT is a global company specialized in strategic planning, consulting, implementation and maintenance of enterprise software, fully adapted to the customer's needs. Our portfolio includes services and products in Business Intelligence, Big Data, BPM & Enterprise Middleware, Enterprise Mobility and Collaborative Platforms. Xpand IT stands out for its innovative approach fully supported by tools, processes and agile methodologies, fully mapped with CMMI. With customers all over the world, Xpand IT is recognized by its technical knowledge and “Passion for Excellence”.