Complete BI Solution for Public Administration with Pentaho

This project integrates the best features of open source technologies to build a BI Solution able to meet new challenges and business goals in the Public Administration and local business market. The Xpand IT Strategic Plan and its implementation allowed AIRC to expand its product line with an open and flexible solution that reduces costs and increases productivity.

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Pentaho BI turned out to be the ideal platform for our BIAIRC Product, providing services like data integration & data analytics. Xpand IT demonstrated a profound technical knowledge and really supported our efforts to deliver an offer more agile, scalable and cost-efficient solution.

Ricardo Riquito - Sales & Marketing Director, AIRC

Key Benefits:

  • Business Expansion: Extending the AIRC Portfolio;
  • Delivery of BI Solutions with Cost Reduction;
  • Time-to-Market: Open & Flexible Platform;
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO);
  • Solution aligned with Open Source Strategy in the Portuguese Public Administration;

Featured Technology:

Having decided to launch a new and unique BI SaaS, Xpand IT helped AIRC find the complete list of open source vendors to provide the most comprehensive products and services for their needs.  Pentaho, as a modern and embeddable software platform, that allows the user to access, visualize and quickly analyse large volumes of historical data, was the most adequate choice. It’s ETL capabilities to migrate customer data into its data warehouse, were also key when developing this solution.

Ana PaneiroAIRC – The Complete BI Solution for Public Administration | Success Case