How a Universal Platform

transformed Altice Lab’s system development processes

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Aiming at improving their internal processes, Altice Labs re-evaluated their entire System Development Process (SDP). As a result, a corporate collaborative model was developed giving a global overview of SDP, making it easier to manage all their processes. Xpand IT mission was to implement a Support Solution for the Development Cycle.

Xpand IT has helped Altice Labs to improve its best practices in solution development, by sustaining them with the appropriate tools, enriching them with their expertise in this area and making them available with great flexibility.

Altice Labs

Key Benefits:

  • Establishment of a collaborative culture in the organisation
  • Improvements in communication between teams
  • Normalisation of the systems development process
  • Creation of a central normalised knowledge repository, accessible to the whole organisation

Featured Technology:

To give Altice Labs continuous support to the systems development lifecycle, the process included the installation and configuration of Atlassian solutions. It helped teams to track and share their work, making the team processes easier and more efficient.

Ana PaneiroAltice Labs – (SDP) System Development Process | Success Case