Altitude Software is a Portuguese IT company that focuses on software development in complete solutions for contact centres. The company wanted to unify the way they communicate with their customers and partners, simplifying the entire support process as well as the documentation of their product releasesIn addition, this bet on a solution was also intended to encourage collaboration between helpdesk operators, making producing content an easier task for employees.

In collaboration with Xpand IT, Altitude Software provided the Altitude Customer Portal, with a collection of self-service tools for our customers, partners and employees.
Users find in this portal the first line of support and a constant sharing of knowledge, which leads to higher autonomy when using our solutions.

Catarina de Brito Gomes - Knowledge Management Director, Altitude Software

Main Benefits

Implementation of the knowledge base facilitates:

  • Increased capacity to resolve support issues autonomously, by consulting the suggestions made;
  • Optimisation of the production process and approval of content, and the ability to measure effectiveness, using the reports made available.

Through the development of the customer and partner portal:

  • Guarantee of proximity to customers and partners through a solution that offers intuitive, simple navigation;
  • Aggregation of all the vital information in a single portal, offering guaranteed scalability in the future.

Main Technologies Used:

keycloak open source

It is a set of cloud services in constant expansion, which helps organisations to face business challenges. It allows the freedom to create, manage and implement applications on a large-scale global network, using tools and architectures that best fit businesses.

A framework that facilitates the development of cloud-based applications, providing solutions to some common, inherent problems when moving to a distributed environment.

A JavaScript framework indicated for front end development. Angular allows the creation of single-page apps with a very high quality.

keycloak open source

An open-source product, oriented to modern solutions/applications and facilitating single sign on with identity/access management.

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