Ana Paneiro

Pledge 1% – Our continuous support to social causes

When Xpand IT took the position of being connected to the philanthropic movement Pledge 1%, a commitment was made- to give back to the community. The company’s mindset relating to social causes was responsible for the continuous development of initiatives regarding the support of people and/or charities.

Ana PaneiroPledge 1% – Our continuous support to social causes
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Letter Soup #1 – Big Data Edition

In the first edition of Xpand IT’s Letter Soup, we explore the Big Data field. Familiarise yourself with the most important words in one of our key activity areas and identify them below in the Letter Soup puzzle. You’ve taken the first step to becoming an Expert in Big Data!

Ana PaneiroLetter Soup #1 – Big Data Edition
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The 10 best Big Data events in 2018

Big Data is nowadays one the biggest tech trends and one of the most important ones because it changes the way companies use their data in order to achieve real business value. Xpand IT believes that the core challenge for Big Data is the ability to accurately manage large volumes of data, coming from multiple sources and through several technologies, in order to ease the integration processes.

Ana PaneiroThe 10 best Big Data events in 2018
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5 offices and counting

Xpand IT is growing month after month, year after year. After 15 years we are still expanding, in fact, we are now a team of more than 200 experts, with more than 3.000 customers in 76 countries, providing specialised services in core enterprise areas, such as Business Intelligence & Analytics, Big Data, Enterprise Middleware or even Enterprise Mobility, as a path to businesses’ digital transformation.

Ana Paneiro5 offices and counting
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Ten reasons to upgrade your Confluence version right now

Regardless of whether a company has just started using Confluence or has been using it for years, our primary goal is to ensure that your experience with this platform runs as smoothly as possible, because at some point we have all felt the pain of a lost draft. Regularly updating the software is the best way to guarantee both top performance and a great experience from brand new features.

Ana PaneiroTen reasons to upgrade your Confluence version right now
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Carnival 2018 at Xpand IT

Whether you call it Fat Tuesday, Shrove Tuesday or Mardi Gras, this is a tradition worth celebrating. Join us in this celebration of happiness and good fun, and we ensure you will laugh through these moments! Mardi Gras can be whenever you want!

Ana PaneiroCarnival 2018 at Xpand IT
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The top 8 tech trends for 2018

Digital transformation is on its way, and companies need to understand what to adopt and what to invest in. Here are some of the 2018 tech trends that you can use as guidance for your business.

Ana PaneiroThe top 8 tech trends for 2018
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