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Practical guide to installing Kotlin

Time passes by and the programming language Kotlin has more and more fans, especially when we talk about Android programming. However, Kotlin is not limited to Android mobile apps development. It is either a programming language for the JVM or a programming language for the Browser or Native, without having to run in a virtual machine.

Kotlin is 100% interoperable with Java, which allows you to add code in Kotlin to a project that has been started in Java.

One of the great advantages of this language is the absence of NullPointerExceptions.

In a direct comparison with Java, it is possible to create the same classes using fewer lines of code.

If you were convinced by all of these arguments, or if you got curious about this language, download a quick guide on how to install Kotlin and plus some basic concepts.

Download kotlin installation guide

If you want to know more about the Kotlin programming language, we recommend reading this blog post: Kotlin and a brighter future.

Bruno AzevedoPractical guide to installing Kotlin
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