Bet, market leader in the world of online gambling in Portugal, felt it could take an innovative step with its business, which would bring it even closer to its customers, without ever giving up its identity. The creation of a successful loyalty programme was, therefore, an essential step in its communication strategy and proximity to its customers, bringing a differentiating and innovative element to the market without ever forgetting its greater identification with the brand.

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This is a solution that allows us to get closer and closer to our players. We live in a world where everyone deserves equal opportunities, but where we want to offer more opportunities and advantages to our best customers. loyalty plus+ offers just that. A fast solution that lives autonomously and makes us even better market leaders.

Main Benefits:

  • Intuitive, simple navigation (one-click actions) between application components, by creating different tiers
  • Development of a multi-platform portal, capable of being supported on multiple browsers and devices
  • Ensuring more effective customer support by creating a back office area
  • Development of a portal with a unique look and feel

Main Technologies:


React is a Javascript library, created by Facebook, oriented to the presentation layer. It proved to be the best option in this case, due to its innate ability to manage the lifecycle of its components autonomously.


Node.js is a framework that can to bring Javascript language into the backend world. It was created to be oriented to the vision of micro services, being ideal for high-frequency request systems, using a single-threaded architecture and non-blocking. In this case, it offers enormous responsiveness and growth, using fewer resources.

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Ana – The development of a loyalty portal with Node.js and React | Success Case