A Dream come True

Paulo Condado Foundation established in April 2011, launched its website on August 25, 2011. It’s a successful and innovative project, with worthy causes which Xpand IT is associated.

The main goals of the Foundation were the reason that led Xpand IT to join this project, contributing with our expertise through a social partnership. The Foundation mentor Paulo Condado, is a researcher with cerebral palsy who developed a technology (Easy Voice) that enables people with a limited speech to carry out phone calls with synthesis voice.

Easy Voice is the interface through which the text becomes a voice, allowing the establishment of free calls using Skype.“Supporting Research and Technology Development that improve the life quality of people with disabilities” is an objective which Xpand IT could not remain indifferent.

Xpand IT is governed by well-established and transparent standards. Passion for excellence is one of our beliefs and it’s inseparable from our culture and people. For us it´s “all about people”, and we are truly inspired by contributing actively to the development of our society.

Ana PaneiroA Dream come True



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