Business Intelligence interactive Graphics

A Xpand IT has recently launched the 1.0.0 of the plugin. This new version promises to  revolutionize the visual experience of the Pentaho users – The suite of Business Intelligence Open Source most used in the world.

This recent update of the FusionCharts Pentaho Plugin has the objective to ally the aesthetic aspect, provided by the interactive graphics library in FusionCharts. The new version of the plugin was officially launched on 22 June and can be downloaded for free through the Xpand IT website.

The FusionCharts library was implemented in a lively and interactive way with numerous types of graphics and maps, allowing the construction of a unique visual experience. Using the XT version, significant improvements will be achieved in mobile viewing, through the availability of thoughts of graphics and widgets in html5 technology and support for touch interaction. Besides, improvements are considered in the plugin, being possible to use real-time widgets and scroll charts. The great adoption verified and the resolution of some bugs prove the stability of the plugin and hence the denomination 1.0.0.

To Receive More Information or Download the Plugin Click here.

fusioncharts17 fusioncharts widget fusioncharts 14 grficos fusioncharts
Ana PaneiroBusiness Intelligence interactive Graphics



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