Comic Con Portugal: Xpand IT launches new version of mobile app

Xpand IT has released the new version of its Comic Con Portugal mobile app for iOS and Android. This update brings users this year’s leading innovation: the app will become one of the communication channels of preference for Comic Con Portugal.

Lisbon, 10 November 2017 – Xpand IT is pleased to announce the launch of the Comic Con Portugal mobile app, the official app of the most significant pop culture event to be held in Portugal. This new version was available to download two months before the event, and, besides design and user experience improvements, the big update is the interactivity that has been built between the event organisation and users. Comic Con Portugal will be able to send direct notifications to users, highlighting the most relevant content, such as the latest news or special guests.

The first Comic Con Portugal happened in 2014 and, in partnership with Microsoft and with Xpand IT’s Microsoft team, the app has been improving year after year. Developed in C# with Xamarin and Azure, the application provides useful information such as event highlights, guest artistes, the daily schedule and the event map.

This event encompasses the most diverse areas of entertainment, from cinema and television series to video games and comics, cosplay, anime and manga, and the audience has increased by 20 thousand visitors each year. In 2014, the first event attracted 32 thousand people; in 2015, the event had 53 thousand visitors and, in its third year in 2016, more than 70 thousand people attended. This year, the organisation is expecting more than 73 thousand people, between 14 and 17 December, at Exponor, Porto

This application will allow building a connection with the public because it will function as a communication vehicle to increase proximity, accessibility and speed in receiving the information intended. With a simple click or a simple notification, the user can stay abreast of new features. The era of the mobile is expanding, and Comic Con Portugal could not be left out of this universe.

Comic Con Portugal

It is an honour to be the company that develops the app of an event like Comic Con Portugal. The focus was to create functionalities that could allow an increasing interaction between the application users and the organisation. We built a communication channel connecting the two interested parties, using faster, simpler and forefront technologies, like Xamarin and Azure, and with the support of a fantastic team of more than 30 people, who went out of their way to make this the best version to date! And just like we did in previous years, the Microsoft solutions team will be attending the event!

Sérgio Viana, Partner & Microsoft Solutions Lead from Xpand IT
Ana PaneiroComic Con Portugal: Xpand IT launches new version of mobile app


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