Custom Development: 3 use cases that prove it is still important

  • The proof Custom Development is precious for some companies;
  • Custom made digital solutions can work as a competitive advantage and can make your company stand out from the competition;
  • Use Cases: Customer Care Portal; Software/Product Customisation; B2C Service Platforms.

Nowadays the digital world works as the entrance door to many organisations. This is where they make themselves known, communicate with their target audience and strengthen relationships with their customers. The experience they offer in the execution of their services is directly linked to the strength of their brand, which is why we are seeing increasing investment in digital applications, whether web or mobile.

This requires not just competence, but also simplicity, speed and originality.

Today we can see a large supply of off-the-shelf software, developed by manufacturers to accommodate the high demand in this area, and even though they are increasingly customisable through low-code or no-code development, the need for customised development keeps growing. Why is this?

There will always be specific needs that require the development of a unique application, distinct from the competition and owned by the company. These may be specific business requirements, integrations or the UX/UI of the applications themselves, which design the perfect experience based on business objectives.

Considering the growing demand for these solutions and our own experience in projects in this area, we would like to talk about three cases where custom development can make all the difference to get the best possible solution for your business.

1) Customer Care Portal

A company that provides digital services needs a platform where customers can make use of the various tools available in a centralised way.

One of the main challenges in developing a digital product like this is the integration of the platform with different sources of information, via databases, APIs, legacy applications and more. The platform must be hosted in the cloud, in order to be fast and offer high availability. This way, the customer experience is fast and smooth, which is an important factor in customer loyalty.

2) Software/Product Customisation

There are many analytics software solutions on the market that have proven themselves to be essential for companies to effectively extract value from data, however, they do not always fully meet these companies’ requirements.

In this case, every user has different needs when extracting reports and it is crucial that he or she can manage the extraction schedule and its data sources individually and autonomously (regardless of format), which can then be shared with other users in the organisation.

Usually, an off-the-shelf solution would only allow these configurations at a global level, so customisation will always be required to meet the organisation’s needs. Wherever possible, much of the development should be performed on a component external to the application, ensuring minimal impact on future software upgrades.

3) B2C Service Platform – Financial Sector

Like many others, the financial sector has specific characteristics that make its customer service platforms unique. A home banking or consumer credit application has different characteristics in every company, whether in its processes, the existing back-end systems in the different departments, the external entities involved, and of course, the ideal user experience. These platforms must be custom developed to meet a complexity of requirements that solutions sold in the market do not allow.

Final Thoughts

In such a competitive market and with such demanding customers, investment in digital platforms is central to success for many companies. It is true that the investment in digital solutions is the new gateway to customers, but the lack of it can easily become the exit door.

We invite you to explore our success cases, which have already served as an inspiration to many companies, and to share your challenges with us. We will share our experience in return!

Miguel HenriquesCustom Development: 3 use cases that prove it is still important


Custom Development

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