Jira Service Desk: The tool to act according to GDPR

Take note of the 25th of May on your calendar. This day will mark the point where all citizens will be able to make several requests about their personal data: requests can range from being erased from all databases to opposing the treatment of their data, or, to put it simply, to claim the right to the information.

So, how can we guarantee that all these requests are collected and that there is a continuous flow that assures that the requests are taken care of, that we know the status of the request and that we reply according to the deadline?

It would seem that an obvious solution would be to create a new e-mail address, however, that is not the most efficient solution.

Using Jira Service Desk could be the solution you are looking for, as it allows for the small, medium and large companies to create a simple portal, through which clients and employees can submit requests, obtain feedback about the status of their requests and exchange messages that guarantee a good outcome.

In just five days you could have a robust and effective solution, which allows for agility in acting when it comes to receiving requests and acting on them, identifying incidents and acting on alteration requests or the creation of new activities relating to data processing.

Create simple portals

Create a Portal that allows its users to report requests, incidents or even request an analysis of new activities in data processing.

service desk

Create another Portal so that your customers can exercise their rights and so that you can access all submitted requests.

service desk
service desk

Workflows to control requests

For each type of request draw an appropriate workflow, that allows control of the number of requests that await a reply, that are pending or that are waiting for the feedback from the client.

service desk

Define SLA’s

After you select the workflow, define an SLA that allows you to control, for example, the time of a request resolution.

You could also define SLA’s that take into account the priority, the type of request or any other criteria that may make sense in the case of your company.

If you want to know more about how to use Jira Service Desk to manage GDPR requests, talk to us.

Ana PaneiroJira Service Desk: The tool to act according to GDPR


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