Lisbon MongoDB Training

As MongoDB Advanced Partner, we are a reference partner to deliver MongoDB consultancy and training. With successful deployments in several companies around the world, we work to create custom solutions using the leading NoSQL Database. Our Big Data & Analytics portfolio was carefully tailored to allow us to engage customers in diverse stages of their Big Data adoption journey, so that we can build lasting partnership relationships with our customers.

Program 1 – MongoDB for Developers

Training, Part I: Day 1 Training, Part II: Day 2
Introduction to MongoDB

  • What is MongoDB and Why?
  • Core concepts
  • Environments
  • Documentation
  • Different deployment models
  • JSON
  • Installation

CRUD and the MongoDB Shell

  • Introduction to the MongoDB API

Indexing and Schema Design

  • Indexing, query profiling and the query optimizer
  • Some schema design case studies
  • Practice modeling various domains
  • Schemes for atomic operations

  • How the drivers work in general
  • Driver APIs with examples


  • Overview of replication
  • Setting up replica sets


  • Overview of sharding
  • How sharding affects application design

Performance Troubleshooting

  • Getting information about MongoDB
  • Performance indicators

Additional Topics as Time and Interest Permit                           

Program 2 – Advanced Data Modeling

Introduction & Review Group Exercises
Introduction & Review

  • Simple inserts
  • Batch inserts
  • Review of update operators and oplog consequences
  • Review of replication (write concern, read preference) and shard keys
  • Review of compound indexes


  • Trees
  • Atomic updates, queues & findAndModify
  • Single-table and multi-table inheritance
  • Command-query responsibility segregation
  • Bucketing & Fan on Read/Write
  • Denormalization & References
  • Relationships
  • Document versioning
Expense report tracking system

  • Embedding data & maintaining array sizes
  • Modeling relationships between multiple documents

An application using time-series data

  • Pre­allocating documents & bucketting
  • Handling heavy write loads

Financial trading application

  • Pre­aggregation
  • Transactions and snapshots

Product catalog & shopping cart application

  • Handling multi­document relationships
  • Error handling in applications
  • Generic attributes

Additional Topics as Time and Interest Permit                         


Participation Requirements

*Pre-registration must be done using the form on the right side or by email to: [email protected].

If you do not receive a confirmation within 48 hours, please contact us by phone: +351 21 896 71 50 or e-mail. All the participants will receive an e-mail with all the mandatory requirements for the training, in terms of software and hardware.

Ana PaneiroLisbon MongoDB Training



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