Xpand IT’s new Artificial Intelligence Center

The US Merriam-Webster dictionary defines Artificial Intelligence (AI) as:  a field of computer science that works on the simulation of intelligent behaviour in computers; the ability of machines to copy intelligent human behaviour. In fact, this is exactly what Xpand IT seeks to achieve with the new Artificial Intelligence centre: to incorporate an intelligence component in all areas of our society.

AI is a trend that is here to stay, and it will not be long before all companies have incorporated at least one solution simulating human intelligence in their systems, in order to accomplish basic tasks on a daily basis. However, let’s take it easy – we still are not at the level of The Matrix, or Ex Machina! The main focus of Xpand IT is to find real use cases and make  prototype solutions that can ultimately be presented to the end customer. There are plenty of examples of the use of AI that are meant to reduce effort in certain tasks, improve performance and speed in the solving of certain problems, or just gather valuable information that can be used by some departments inside a company. We present a few examples of the use of AI:

Development of a conversational interface (chatbots)

Chatbots are increasingly important in the global technological scene, and it does not take much thought to name several websites that have conversational interfaces trained to help visitors. This type of bot can be a big help to perform simple tasks, such as setting an appointment or buying a movie ticket, and can be applied to countless industries: banking, education, health, retail, and others. The main goal is to have a chatbot that is truly useful for users.

Text analysis and emotion analysis

Currently, we exchange a huge amount of information in text format. Therefore, text analysis ability is expected to improve as the amount of information improves. However, human beings have limits in their ability to process and analyse information, and that is why we have artificial intelligence. By taking advantage of specific techniques and more advanced technologies, it is possible to process all information in record time and to simultaneously gather other types of information, such as the mood of a person who wrote a certain message.

Image or video processing

Another case in which human limits are an opportunity to introduce AI is image (or video) processing. Being able to learn from a large dataset, an artificial intelligence solution can be taught to identify elements in an image or video, a task that would take a lot more time if it was done by human eyes. We can refer to facial recognition for app authentications, or even finding people or specific products in a live video. An AI solution can be an answer to these challenges.

In essence, Xpand IT has gathered specialists from various teams – such as Digital Xperience, Big Data and Data Science – to form a unit of true experts in Artificial Intelligence experiments and solutions, capable of developing projects completely out-of-the-box!

Ana LamelasXpand IT’s new Artificial Intelligence Center



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