Pentaho BI Suite 4.0 Has just arrived

Pentaho, the market leader in Business Intelligence Opensource software, just announced the new Pentaho BI Suite 4. This new version gives more autonomy and power to the user through interactive reports, ability to access data with a new intuitive and attractive interface. Significant progress in this version is the ability to access, report and analyse data from a greater number of sources, more simply and quickly, which makes this application completely user-driven.

Chief among these new features is the new interactive, Web-based report designer, which provides intuitive yet powerful report building for non-technical business users to serve their reporting requirements without relying on IT. This builds upon Pentaho’s strong operational reporting capabilities and complements Pentaho’s comprehensive data analysis, data integration, and data mining capabilities, all with the benefit of low-cost, subscription-based pricing.

Pentaho BI 4 includes a new visual interface designed to make BI more appealing and consumable by all users from developers, to power users, to non-technical business users. The new visual interface is also re-designed for ease of customization so that direct customers and OEM partners can easily re-skin the application to conform to their standards or existing applications.

The non-technical business user will be able to:

  • Dynamically interact with saved reports by applying sorting, filtering, groupings and summary totals on the fly;
  • Easily create highly formatted, interactive reports with zero training and no dependence on IT or power users;
  • Incorporate interactive reports into Pentaho Dashboards with the ability to tie to common dashboard controls;
  • Use the enhanced visual interface design to more easily interact with the application.

The power-user / business analyst will be able to:

  • Enhance data discovery with new multi-chart visualisation capabilities;
  • Take advantage of interactive drillable charts to drill up and down through data hierarchies and link visualisations to related content;
  • Improve interactivity with dashboards via addition of dashboard-level filters and ability to link to additional content;
  • Create more informative and appealing charts through extended chart properties;
  • Effortlessly access more complex data sources leveraging Pentaho’s best-in-class semantic metadata layer that allows business users to interactively report and analyse data in a self-service, web-based environment without having to know SQL or MDX.

The developer / administrator will be able to:

  • Access data from a wider range of Big Data stores including Hadoop and NoSQL;
  • Leverage new, tighter integration with high-performance data marts and data warehouses including EMC Greenplum and Ingres Vectorwise;
  • Deploy data integration as a service, integrating data from multiple sources on-the-fly, and make it available as a virtualized federated data stream via Web Services, without needing to load the data into a data mart or warehouse;
  • Quickly and easily setup report bursting using a drag-and-drop workflow design tool, enabling mass distribution of personalised content to information consumers;
  • Use a web standards approach to easily customise user interfaces so that they conform to their organisation’s look-and-feel.
Ana PaneiroPentaho BI Suite 4.0 Has just arrived

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