Xpand IT is joining the global social movement, Pledge 1%

Xpand IT becomes the first Portuguese company to pledge 1% of profit. The company intends to integrate corporate philanthropy into its business model officially and will donate 1% of its product and profit to non-profit organisations every year through Pledge 1% movement.

Xpand IT has the privilege to announce their joining of the international corporate philanthropic movement, Pledge 1%. The company has committed to donating 1% of product and 1% of profit annually, giving to charitable organisations a part of what has been the business’s success throughout the years. Taking this pledge is a small commitment, adopted by more than 2750 companies around the world, in nearly 60 countries, and it can have a significant impact on the future.

Pledge 1% was founded in 2014 by some of the world’s largest technology companies, such as Atlassian and Salesforce, and by a non-profit organisation, Tides. Their goal was to spread a philanthropic vision around the globe and to encourage other companies to share 1% of their product, 1% of employee time, 1% of profit or 1% of equity.

We are incredibly excited that Xpand IT has taken the pledge. We believe the company can play a pivotal role in building this movement and promoting a new normal in which all companies – big and small – integrate giving back as a core value in their business.

Amy Lesnick, Executive Director of Pledge 1%

The Pledge’s essence is, precisely, the evangelisation of the movement. It may seem a little, but if we all take the pledge and contribute 1% of what we generate, in the end, it will be a lot and will bring value to the entire ecosystem.

Paulo Lopes, CEO of Xpand IT

This membership allows us to create a much more structured approach to social responsibility, and, in addition to our role in giving back to the community, we will use our stature to entice other companies to follow our steps and join Pledge 1%.

Pedro Gonçalves, CTO of Xpand IT

For further information about this movement, please go to our Pledge 1% page.

Ana LamelasXpand IT is joining the global social movement, Pledge 1%


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