Xpand IT achieves CMMI Certification

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Xpand IT, global company with expertise in areas such as: Business Intelligence, Big Data, BPM & Enterprise Middleware and Enterprise Mobility, today announced that it has been appraised at Level 2 of the CMMI Institute’s Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI). This certification process was made possible by a hard work with Strongstep, INOV and Whatever Consulting and the appraisal was performed by SEI – Software Engineering Institute. CMMI is a process improvement approach that provides organizations with the essential elements of effective processes that ultimately improve their performance. Xpand IT receives this certification rewarding its distinctive approach based on its own XPAGILE methodology. XPAGILE methodology is based in SCRUM and Extreme Programming, focusing in development iterations, continuous inspection and adjustment through collaboration.

An appraisal at maturity level 2 indicates the organization is performing at a “managed” level. At this level, projects have ensured that processes are planned and executed in accordance with policy; the projects employ skilled people who have adequate resources to produce controlled outputs; involve relevant stakeholders; are monitored, controlled, and reviewed; and are evaluated for adherence to their process descriptions.

This is an important step to reach the excellence in software development processes. This quality certificate shows Xpand IT’s commitment to respond to the customer’s needs and continue achieving the organizational excellence.

For Pedro Gonçalves – Partner & Chief Technology Officer at Xpand IT

Since 2009, Xpand IT made a significant investment in innovation and created the XPAGILE – Europe Nearshore Development Center in Viana do Castelo. Currently, the company develops its own products and services and is already exporting technology for several countries around the world.


CMMI is the result of more than 20 years of ongoing work at Carnegie Mellon University by members of industry, government, and the Software Engineering Institute. Powered by Carnegie Mellon, the CMMI Institute is working to build upon CMMI’s success, advance the state of the practice, accelerate the development and adoption of best practices, and provide solutions to the emerging needs of business around the world.
Strongstep is a company specialized in software engineering that contributes to the improvement of software quality in the world. Our action is based on pragmatic principles of efficiency and excellence, supported by an experienced team, by the use of best practices and with established partnerships with worldwide reference institutions. We help organizations in the improvement of their software development processes through the implementation of practices that address people, processes and tools, taking a pragmatic and results-oriented approach. We want to induce a change in your organization. This will represent a step with a strong, sustainable and innovative focus – a strong step!
INOV positions itself in the market as the biggest national technological infrastructure in the field of the Information Technology, Electronics and Communications. INOV provides an agile and flexible organization, oriented to creating technological skills and establishing cooperation links with various economic entities (universities, industries, companies and Telecommunications Operators). For this purpose INOV intends to act as an intermediary between the University and the Industry, basing on the dedicated cooperation with the University in order to provide sustained, consistent and innovative solutions addressing the problems and challenges faced by our Partners

WhatEver Consulting helps companies to develop the culture, practices and processes that support and sustain business innovation. It was founded by a group of individual entrepreneurs who believe it possible to create value through an ecosystem which fosters innovation, new leading technologies and cutting edge business solutions. We facilitate knowledge creation on key areas for organizational growth and value creation, such as Business Model Innovation, Enterprise Agility and Lean Thinking. 


Ana PaneiroXpand IT achieves CMMI Certification



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