Xpand IT present at the “Social Now”

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Social Now is an international event with a unique format, conceived to help you choose tools for the social organization, whilst reminding you of the importance of adoption and accompanying processes.

The Event was a concept for presenting the best collaborative management solution for professionals, responding to the new challenges of the innovation management, collaborative projects and sharing of knowledge. This initiative will be present some of the main references, including the Xpand IT. Social Now will be held at the Holiday Inn Porto – Gaia during the 27th and June 28th, between 9:30 a.m. and 18:00.

Xpand IT will introduce the Atlassian – Confluence software. This is a collaborative platform for managing and sharing information that will allow the connection between employees of the organisation and content developed.  This tool can facilitate the innovation process in organisations, through better knowledge management. The Confluence allows you to create and manage contextual information spaces, offering them online for everyone to create, share, discuss and find documents.

This international event will be the focus on Innovation Management and Enterprise 2.0, discussing the importance of human resources as users of strategic knowledge within organisations.

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Ana PaneiroXpand IT present at the “Social Now”



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