Real-Time BI Platform with Pentaho for Road Maintenance

Brisa manages a vast network of highways with many tolls. The equipment installed in those tolls has the ability to send data regarding their operative state. The information is stored in a central database, and Brisa’s maintenance crew is responsible for monitoring all the devices in the network and analysing them. With Xpand IT’s help, a near real-time BI platform was implemented for the maintenance of Brisa’s infrastructure. Before the implementation of this solution, the analysis had to be done through direct queries against Brisa’s databases.

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The final result is very positive. The end users are autonomous with exploring and analysing data provided by the platform and their feedback is the best possible. Xpand IT participation was excellent, both in the way they dealt with the purposed challenges and their business intelligence know-how.

José Miguel Machado - Technical Project Manager, Brisa

Key Benefits

  • Efficient analysis of events in the Brisa network, discovering new correlations;
  • Analysing the relationships between events and traffic and acting faster for more critical issues;
  • More proactivity in the management of some events;
  • Efficiency regarding the recognition of registrations and classification of traffic in tolls;
  • Keeping historical data of events to enable long term analysis.

Featured Technology:

The solution was to develop a BI solution using Pentaho BI Suite. This solution, supported by Xpand IT, allowed the end-to-end development in a centralised way and with much lower costs when compared to traditional solutions. Being a near real-time BI system, this solution required the development of a data extraction process in very short intervals.

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