Real-Time BI Platform with Pentaho for Road Maintenance

Brisa manages a vast network of highways where many tolls coexist. The equipment installed in those tolls, has the ability to send data regarding their operative state. The information is stored in a central database and Brisa’s maintenance crew is responsible for monitoring all the devices in the network, and analyse them. With Xpand IT help, it was implemented, a near real-time BI platform for the maintenance of Brisa’s infrastructure. Before the implementation of this solution, that analysis was made through direct queries over Brisa’s databases.

Key Benefits

  • Efficient analysis of events in the Brisa network, discovering new correlations;
  • Analyze the relation between events and traffic, acting faster in more critical issues;
  • More pro-activity in the management of some events;
  • Efficiency regarding the recognizance of registrations and classification of traffic in tolls;
  • Keeping historical data of events to allow a long term analysis.

Download our Success Case

Ana PaneiroBrisa – Business Intelligence Solution | Success Case