ECM System for Handling and Classification

Almost every department of the Brisa Group has to deal with incoming communications of various sources and types (letters, emails and faxes). It was common for those departments to have their own ways, methods and technologies for dealing with those communications. Since the group is in never-ending evolution and changes its structure regularly, it was clear that it was time to create a platform that was common to every department but still respected their differences.

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Through Xpand IT collaboration, we were able to simplify the user interface, ensuring that it would work seamlessly in every computer or screen while improving our customers’ experience.


Key Benefits:

  • Improve Customer Experience;
  • Simple & intuitive User Interface on any screen;
  • More departments integrated into the solution, working seamlessly;
  • Changes in technology providing:
  • High availability;
  • More changes for growth;
  • A more structured architecture;

Featured Technology:


One of the top concerns while planning this solution, was to deliver a well-structured service that could grow easily, be highly responsive, had improved customer experience, could be used seamlessly by every department and have a high availability. The application was built on with JBoss under-the-hood.

Ana PaneiroBrisa – SGE (Sistema Gestão Expediente) | Success Case