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We live in a Customer Experience Economy. Except for my kids… for now!

It’s a fascinating world out there. A world full of innovation powered by technology. Full of new products, solutions and services that allow us to live differently, for better and for worse, than how we did a few years ago. A world where challenges arise due to all those technologies and the impact they have on society. But a fascinating world, nonetheless.

Sérgio VianaWe live in a Customer Experience Economy. Except for my kids… for now!
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Letter Soup #1 – Big Data Edition

In the first edition of Xpand IT’s Letter Soup, we explore the Big Data field. Familiarise yourself with the most important words in one of our key activity areas and identify them below in the Letter Soup puzzle. You’ve taken the first step to becoming an Expert in Big Data!

Ana PaneiroLetter Soup #1 – Big Data Edition
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Interview: 40% of Xpand IT’s business comes from abroad

Xpand IT’s CEO, Paulo Lopes, believes the company will achieve a growth of 75% in the next three years, through a strategy built on nearshoring and product development.

With a 7,5 million euros income in the last year, Xpand IT will achieve a 30% margin profit in 2017. These are the CEO’s expectations, genuinely optimistic when it comes to the business evolution on the international marketplaces.

Ana LamelasInterview: 40% of Xpand IT’s business comes from abroad
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Interview: Solving Middleware Challenges with Red Hat

Working in partnership with Red Hat for more than five years, Xpand IT acts as a Red Hat/JBoss Premium Business Partner and a specialist in the Application Middleware area in Portugal. In a moment of growth for the open source technologies, Nuno Santos – Enterprise Solution Manager from Xpand IT, sets the path for a prosperous future between the two companies.

Ana LamelasInterview: Solving Middleware Challenges with Red Hat
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Interview: “Xamarin Workshop at Universidade do Minho”

Working at Xpand IT since 2013, Dinis Vieira, is an IT Innovation and Research enthusiast, who is always trying to keep “up to date” with the most recent technologies. Most of his work has been to develop web and mobile applications, the last one being his main skill (iOS, Android, Windows 8, Windows Phone, jQuery Mobile). He has also done some work with Touchless technologies (Leap Motion/MS Kinect). Recently he’s been focusing on Cross-Platform Development with Xamarin.

Ana PaneiroInterview: “Xamarin Workshop at Universidade do Minho”
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Microsoft is buying Xamarin – What does it mean?

In a context where enterprise mobility begins to be one of the strongest pillars the digital strategy for organizations, we’ve interviewed Sergio Viana – Partner & Microsoft Solutions Lead the Xpand IT on the importance of cross-platform mobile development, commenting on the importance of Microsoft partnership and recent acquisition: Xamarin.

Ana PaneiroMicrosoft is buying Xamarin – What does it mean?
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Interview: “Thinking Big About Data”

Companies have always been challenged to get the right information to make better decisions. The advent of Big Data & Analytics technologies changed the way how organizations manage data. We interview Nuno Barreto – Partner & Big Data Lead @Xpand IT about how Big Data can help companies take advantage of their data to create business value?

Ana PaneiroInterview: “Thinking Big About Data”
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