100% owned by one of the largest European banking groups – the Crédit Agricole Group – Credibom is a specialised bank in consumer credit and a car finance reference in Portugal, which offers customers and partners flexible, transparent and appropriate credit solutions. Operating in Portugal for over 20 years, Credibom provides personalised and transparent advice, seeking to find the best solution for each case. Credibom has the ambition to be the best Consumer Credit Bank in Portugal through their Partners and Customers’ recognition.

Following a core system reformulation that started in 2017, Credibom required the implementation of a robust middleware platform to allow the sustainable growth of integration between systems in the organisation.

“The big challenge was changing the integration paradigm, moving from point to point to centralised and standardised integration, ensuring a point of convergence for existing and new integrations as the bank’s systems change and integration needs increase.

At this moment, we can orchestrate and change services with little change cost for consumers. In addition to this, we can quickly and effectively monitor the use of services and ensure a better quality of service for the business.”

João Mendes – Head of Architecture, Credibom

Main Benefits:

  • Reusability with the creation of atomic business-oriented services that can be composed and orchestrated in more complex business functions
  • Security by enforcing authentication and authorisation when accessing information, while protecting internal systems against threats and service misuse
  • Control and Visibility by providing technical and business-level auditability, supported with detailed analytics for behaviour and opportunity analysis
  • Standardisation and Governance with the definition of a scalable middleware architecture
  • Quality and Agility with the development of a service implementation Framework

Main Technology Used:

WSO2 is an open-source middleware enterprise platform that enables organisations to build integration services and APIs on-premises, on private or public clouds, or in hybrid environments, and easily migrate between them as needed.

Its product portfolio is pre-integrated and focuses on several middleware areas, such as agile Enterprise Integration, API Management and Identity and Access Management.

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