The DS Process

The Science Behind Our Solutions

The Data Science unit was created in 2018, and built on foundations of previously established data-related units: Business Intelligence and Big Data.

In a trendy field like Data Science, where terminologies and concept definitions are a constant struggle, some might ask why a company would have three business units with the same apparent purpose. However, this is a practical proof of how Xpand IT envisions its data services: a trinity of three non-overlapping data units, each one highly specialised in its own data field, yet capable of understanding and coordinate implementations with the other two.

Download this free playbook and discover a first-person description of Data Science unit’s process – a new framework developed in-house: the XPDS Flow. 


Data Science Process + XP Agile:

  • Viability Analysis
  • Modelling
  • Deployment and Monitoring

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Ana PaneiroThe Data Science Process – The Science Behind Our Solutions