Technology Trends 2024: a perspective on the future

  • At Xpand IT, our teams drive digital transformation, shape companies’ data journeys, lead transformative customer experiences, deliver cloud services, and harness artificial intelligence’s full potential.
  • In this article, our partners will explore and give you their vision about five technology trends for 2024 that will mark the upcoming years in the IT industry: Platform Engineering, Augmented Connected Workforce, Generative AI, Intelligent Applications and Customer Experience.

Organisations must stay updated on the latest technology trends in a rapidly evolving technological landscape to remain competitive and adapt to swift changes. With 20 years of experience, Xpand IT is a global technology consultancy aiming to find the best solutions in distinct but complementary areas such as data journeys, the cloud, customer experience, artificial intelligence and workplace transformation. As experts in the fields we work in daily, this content aims to bring new insights into the technology trends identified for this year.
Using sources such as Gartner, Forrester and IDC, we analysed the most recent studies on technology trends for 2024 and identified five trends we think will shape the year ahead and may have a direct short-term impact on businesses.

Our analysis is based on themes such as platform engineering, augmented connected workforce, generative AI, intelligent applications and customer experience. The five videos below aim to deepen Xpand IT’s perspective on these technology trends for 2024 and show the vision we deliver in each area discussed.

Platform engineering: a paradigm shift

Nuno Barreto, Partner and Big Data Lead, emphasises the importance of platform engineering as a key technological trend for the future. This approach has transformed how applications are deployed, promoting greater flexibility and efficiency.

The sector’s evolution shows a transition from traditional administrative tasks to more complex platform engineering roles focused on delivering value. Nuno Barreto comments, „The cloud has played a significant role in accelerating this trend. Platform engineering has been a distinct division within our team for over eight years, demonstrating our long-standing commitment to this innovative approach.“

Augmented connected workforce: embracing generative AI

Francisco Costa, Partner and Enterprise Solutions Lead, discusses the transformative potential of generative artificial intelligence (AI) in creating connected and augmented workforces. By automating everyday tasks, generative AI allows teams to focus their work time on differentiating functions that add value to the company, thereby improving their productivity.

Francisco Costa states, „Generative AI is not just a tool but a team member. It is essential for optimising our workflows and decision-making processes.“ The example of Atlassian Intelligence illustrates how organisations can use AI to deepen data analysis, enhance workflows and make more strategic decisions.

Generative AI: the new frontier in technology

Luís Vicente, the Partner and Data Science Lead, emphasises the recent popularity of generative AI, marked by the emergence of tools like ChatGPT. While its impact is undeniable, challenges such as talent scarcity, ethical concerns and the need for transparent investment strategies remain.

Luís Vicente underlines, „Despite its potential, the journey with generative AI is complex and requires a nuanced understanding of its technical and ethical dimensions.“

Intelligent applications: redefining data analysis

Ricardo Pires, Partner and Business Intelligence Lead, explores the world of Intelligent Applications, emphasising their role in improving analytics and decision-making. The emergence of generative AI has expanded the potential of applications, enriched the analytical context and promoted continuous improvement cycles.

Ricardo Pires also observes, „The emergence of intelligent applications represents a significant advance in how we use data, providing unprecedented insights and enabling more intuitive interaction with data.“

Customer experience: the digital-physical convergence

Sergio Viana, Partner and Digital Experience Lead, discusses the evolution of customer experience in the digital age. According to the experts, companies must integrate technology to create unique and memorable experiences that help them stand out.

He also advocates a holistic approach where the digital and physical realms converge, improving user engagement at all touchpoints. He notes that „the merging of digital and physical experiences, supported by technologies such as artificial intelligence and augmented reality, presents a significant opportunity for brands to connect with their audiences on a deeper level.“

As 2024 unfolds, we observe that generative AI emerges as one of the most significant pillars in the technological world. It promises to transform companies‘ internal operations and customer interactions and optimise their experiences. By betting on and investing in this technology, companies can revolutionise their decision-making processes and project operational efficiency. Adopting generative AI, platform engineering, and intelligent applications is essential for organisations seeking to remain competitive and ensure innovation.
To address challenges such as talent scarcity and ethical issues associated with AI, organisations must adopt strategies focused on continuous learning, collaboration between areas, and developing clear policies that regulate the ethical use of new technologies. Integrating AI in connected and augmented work environments improves the productivity of teams and companies. It redefines our interaction with machines and technologies, paving new paths for future developments and innovations.

Investing in solutions based on these trends is about maintaining relevance and setting the stage for future growth and transformation.

Ana LamelasTechnology Trends 2024: a perspective on the future


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