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User Experience in real life

3 business challenges solved by UX design

The scope of UX is extensive and influences any product, service, or brand. No business remains untouched by the need to create engaging, customer-centric experiences.

In recent years, Xpand IT has been collaborating with clients from various industries on challenging UX projects – in all of these, the focus has been the same: solving business challenges.

This e-book UX Design aims to help demystify the practical applications of UX through three real examples whose goal was to answer specific business needs. These solutions were proposed to clients in the banking, recycling and customer centre sectors.

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The First Mile new customer acquisition flow would have to comprise several additional steps, fields and activities.

The emotional personalisation of the CA Teen app was designed to keep up with the rhythms and lifestyles of the Z and Alpha generations.

Altitude Software, wanted to streamline how it communicates and interacts with its clients and partners in the most efficient way possible.

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