EDP Labelec provides specialised services, energy consultancy and supports the maintenance of electrical installations in the industrial sector. The company is owned by the EDP Group and is its centre of technical excellence.

EDP Labelec is responsible for inspecting power lines, an operation carried out using helicopters. This use of helicopters entails different logistical and economic concerns (the cost per hour of running a helicopter, for instance, is high), so the company wanted to make the entire inspection registration process more efficient.

And so, EDP Labelec wanted to digitise and make this process more productive, all the way from collecting the data in the first instance through to the final delivery of that data to the customer.

“The development of this application allowed us to take a significant step in the digitalisation of our line inspection process, contributing to increasing the efficiency of our operation and reducing our data analysis time. This type of project (Quickwin), the tool used (PowerApps), Xpand IT’s development team, and the monitoring of the DGU team were fundamental to the success of this project.”

André Coelho, Head of Asset Inspection Department

Main Benefits:

  • The digitalisation of a process that was previously wholly dependent on paper;
  • Centralisation of all the information pertaining to the line inspection process;
  • Faster, more efficient communication between inspection teams collecting the data and back-office teams processing the data;
  • Ability to access the digital history of all inspections carried out via the app;
  • Accessibility of different metrics through the application.

Main Technology Used:

Microsoft PowerApps enables you to create multi-platform applications. Companies can address different internal scenarios faster and more efficiently by taking advantage of this technology.

Using the native integration with the Office suite, you can also reduce the time to market significantly for these applications while guaranteeing their usability and performance.

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