First Mile is one of the fastest-growing recycling companies in the United Kingdom. Their mission is to revolutionise the business of waste by betting on ‘best of breed’ technologies, aiming to find new creative solutions and eradicate waste by making it possible to recycle everything.

At this point, the company was facing three main challenges:
  • The need to integrate and embed other systems into their core tools (CRM and ERP);
  • The need to enhance Salesforce, First Mile´s CRM, and continue its integration with the client’s other IT solutions to fully empower sales teams and provide an amazing customer experience.
  • The need of a platform on which their call centre team, could access acount details and manage their requests, billing and payments autonomously.

Partnering with Xpand IT, we managed to integrate and embed all our disparate systems, so that we are now fully empowering our sales teams. By introducing a Customer Portal this has led to significant improvements in our cost-to-serve per customer and has provided an amazing customer experience.

With Xpand IT’s technical acumen, we are making zero-to-landfill recycling the cornerstone of a brighter, greener future!

First Mile

Main Benefits:

  • First Mile was able to centralise and automate all the processes, reducing time, simplifying their infrastructure (and thereby reducing costs)
  • First Mile was able to enhance its CRM, making sure that every business team was given unified processes and a single source of truth.
  • The portal allowed the business to grow without having to expand the call centre team and superseded the clunky old system.

Main Technologies Used:

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