Augmented Reality in the


Aiming to deliver an easy and interactive experience to their clients, Graham & Brown considered Xpand IT as the perfect company to partner with to develop a mobile solution that could ease the purchase process of over 300 wallpapers available in the online store. Using vanguard technologies, such as Xamarin or Microsoft Azure, it was developed an application with a simple interface, privileging the user experience, and allowing an accurate simulation of the final décor.

Without XpandIT we wouldn’t have been able to deliver the Augmented Reality App within four months. Their technical expertise helped deliver a lot of the Azure services we needed for the App, which reduced a large amount of development. (…) It was a very successful collaboration, with the App now delivering a innovative and unique way for customers to view wallpaper before purchasing.

Graham & Brown

Key Benefits:

  • A higher conversion rate from using the App
  • Low cost Azure Services which allowed the quick deployment of the App across 55 countries
  • Ease of viewing hundreds of wallpaper designs in your own home
  • Ability to take a photo and share the virtually decorated room
  • Real-time analytics solution providing usability and marketing insights
  • Portability to Android using Xamarin

Featured Technology:

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