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At Xpand IT, everyone has a special talent. We value everyone’s talent in all fields. Excellent technical experts, visionary designers, dynamic and communicative Human Resources team, innovative researchers, magical marketers, entrepreneurial managers. These are the people that are part of Xpand IT.

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We are looking for a Javascript Full Stack Developer.

We are looking for someone with experience who is familiar with good practices in Javascript application development. A typical day of a Full Stack Developer Javascript will be to develop reliable Javascript applications, whether only Frontend or Front and Backend.

Technical skills are important, but we also value soft skills and your motivation.

You can be part of a team that will help you overcome your limits and will always be by your side! Your days can be spent working with the team at the office or client, in Portugal or abroad, but one thing we always guarantee is our good working environment and the sharing of Xpand values.

And make no mistake, our main goal is to make a difference and you can be part of it!


  • Degree in Computer Engineering / IT or equivalent experience;
  • Knowledge and at least 2 years of Javascript development experience, such as Node.js and React or Angular;
  • Experience in the design and implementation of multilayer web architectures;
  • Being able to use agile development methodologies (Scrum) and tools (ConfluenceJiraGitJenkinsBamboo);
  • Innovation, a taste for communication and easy integration into dynamic teams are some of the skills we value.


If you’ve read until here, then you are certainly who we are looking for.

Direct submission to this application on the form (right on the page) or send us your CV to career@xpand-it.com with the reference position (ES_FJS).

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Everything we do is to inspire the best people to change the world. We do that by offering you incredible professional opportunities with technological projects worldwide, a competitive salary, great work-life balance, remarkable events, and more benefits that software ninjas will love!

Multidisciplinary Teams

We build technology solutions from scratch. Architecture Definition, Requirements Analysis, Solution Development, Deployment and Technical Support.

Working Methodology

We do Agile Development with the best Software Development Tools. We are one of the few companies in the world with Agile CMMI Certification.

International Projects

We have customers all over the world, and offices in Portugal and the UK. Our projects have involved over 800 clients across the five continents! That is our footprint in the world.

Innovative Technologies

We are always looking to use the most innovative technologies in Web, Mobile, Middleware, Business Intelligence, Big Data and UX/UI Design.

Expert Training Sessions

We have our own XTalks to spread knowledge to all Xpanders. We also provide training sessions on the technologies in which we have expertise.

Respect and Honesty

Through our values, we aim to create a team that can be relied upon, in all aspects. These values are the ones that help us build our culture and the ones that guide us in all our choices.

Working Environment

We have a “feel at home” office environment, and we encourage a casual dress code and a flexible and balanced work schedule.

The Team

We believe that people are the key to our success: that’s why we are picky about our people. Whether for work or friendship – we are an awesome team.

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