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As a global company, specialized in Big Data, Business Intelligence & Analytics, SOA & Enterprise Middleware, Mobility, Collaboration & Development tools, we deliver top products and services used by Fortune 500 companies. With more than 2000 customers in 76 countries, including Porsche, Vodafone, Lufthansa, Nike, Audi and Samsung, Xpand IT is recognized by its deep technological knowledge and “Passion for Excellence”.

At Xpand IT, everyone has a special talent. We value everyone’s talent in all fields. Excellent technical experts, visionary designers, dynamic and communicative Human Resources team, innovative researchers, magical marketers, entrepreneurial managers. These are the people that are part of Xpand IT.

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We are looking for a Tech Support Trainee to complete our team.

With that in mind, we’re looking for someone with a out of the box attitude that is eager to find embrace a new challenge. We will rely on you for our equipment management, install, configuration and maintenance.

You will also be responsible for configuration of our network (LAN, VLAN, Swiching and Routing) and that understands how it impacts our teams. You will also be expected to adapt to new methodologies that help to implement e define security and access protocols.

Expect to be a part of a team that will make you push through your limits in more than one way – but that will be with you all the way! Your days can be spent working with the team at the office or in the customer, in Portugal or abroad – but always raising the Xpand IT flag high! And make no mistake, you will be better because of everything you’ll do, because our main objective is to make things that count and you’ll be a part of that.


  • Computer Equipment Management / Computer Networks Technical  Professional Course or equivalent experience;
  • IEFP Professional Internship eligible  (Preferential)
  • Knowledge of systems monitoring tools and it’s install ;
  • Willingness to adapt to different coworkers;
  • Know how of computer networking as LAN, VLAN, Switching, Routing;
  • Good organization and management skills for equipment inventory;
  • Desire to be a part of fast paced bur agile culture;
  • Fluent in English (written and spoken).


Besides a competitive salary and a variable bonus program according to the performance, we have a number of other benefits:

  • Relaxed work environment;
  • Fruit and coffee available;
  • Flexible schedule and good locations;
  • Health insurance;
  • Training plan, adjusted to individual needs;
  • Opportunity to work on challenging projects in different locations;
  • Social and team building events;
  • Areas for leisure within the facilities;
  • Protocols and other local benefits.

If you’ve read until here, then you are certainly who we are looking for!

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