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Talent Search Specialist

Job opportunity Talent Search Specialist Xpand IT

Talent Search Specialist

The Human Resources area is concerned with the entire journey of employees (and potential employees) from the first contact with Xpand IT.

It ensures that there is a rigorous recruitment process and a welcoming onboarding so that everyone is well received and integrated. It is responsible for the good management of all benefits, partnerships and protocols and to energize the Xpanders community, always with the aim of promoting Xpand IT human culture, based on strong values.

The main objective is to create lasting and trusting relationships that guarantee each Xpander’ personal and professional development.


As a Talent Search Specialist you will be part of the Talent Acquisition team at Xpand IT. Your main responsibility will be to support the Talent Acquisition team, contributing to its success and ensuring that the company’s talent acquisition needs are met. You will proactively design and provide clarification sessions to potential candidates, while ensuring the construction of a solid contact base and the best Candidate Experience.

You’re daily activities will include:

  • Actively search for candidates to meet the company’s recruitment needs at all times
  • Schedule and conduct screening and exploratory interviews
  • Help to define and execute local and global sourcing strategies in order to attract technology talent from around the world and nurture candidates in the process
  • Support the Talent Acquisition team by providing support to all its members, to meet the recruitment needs of the different units of the company
  • Support the Talent Acquisition team in all activities related to the Candidate Experience process
  • Collaborate with Talent Acquisition Specialists to follow the evolution and recruitment needs of all departments at Xpand IT
  • Suggest channels, partners and innovative ways to reach potential candidates
  • Suggest and participate in various recruitment initiatives


  • Degree or equivalent, preferably in Human Resources Management, Psychology of Organizations, Social Sciences or similar
  • Experience (+5 years) HR / IT Recruitment
  • Experience in recruiting technical and technological profiles
  • Experience with LinkedIn and other specialized channels.
  • Good communication skills
  • Professional experience in specialized areas in Information Technologies
  • Ability to focus and pay attention to all details
  • Professionalism, organization and sense of responsibility
  • Ability to work independently
  • Ability to analyze and solve problems
  • Ability and ease to create empathy and to establish constructive / collaborative working relationships
  • Fluent, written and spoken English

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Nowadays the Candidate Experience is vital for the success of any company. At Xpand IT we want that every candidate experiences our culture, from day one. This means creating the best recruitment process they ever lived, based on agility, transparency, and accuracy values.

Rui Maia, CHRO @Xpand IT
Talent Search Xpand IT

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