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Javascript Full Stack Developer

Job Opportunity Javascript Full Stack Developer Xpand IT

Javascript Full Stack Developer

Web Development area iresponsible for the conception, design, development and deployment of Rich Web Applications software solutions. From the very beginning of requirement definition passing by architecture and data model definition, choose the best technology until the last layer of user interface. The main technological stack is based on on Java and JavaScript for backend and middleware layers such as Node.js along with JavaScript based frameworks such as Angular and React for frontend development. 


As a JavaScript Full Stack Developer you will build the end-to-end applications requirements. You will participate in the central struture of an application as well ascreate design plans for the user interface, define controls’ look, feel and activity.

At Xpand IT you will work with JavaScript techologies in a collaborative environment alongside other experts such as UI/UX and cluster/database gurus.

Your daily activities will include:

  • Being responsible for requirements definition and translate them into technical services
  • Use / suggest a variety of state-of-the-art programming languages in order to create user-friendly web interfaces
  • Design and build high-quality mockups and design different prototypes
  • Optimize web applications for maximum speed, cross browser and cross device
  • Build reusable API libraries for future use
  • Work in multidisciplinary teams with other teammates such as backend developers and web designers
  • Design and development of applicational backend services using the best design practices and patterns
  • Recommends system solutions by comparing advantages and disadvantages of alternative development strategies
  • Integrates applications though the development of APIs / Services with third party modules
  • Guarantee the correct performance, security and scalability of backend services
  • Guarantuee that Unit Test / Test Sets are correctly updated so that Continuous Integration engine remains flawless.

// Stacks: JavaScript; Angular; Node.js, React

Javascript Full Stack Developer
Javascript Full Stack Developer
Javascript Full Stack Developer
Javascript Full Stack Developer


  • MSc / BSc in Information Systems and Computer Engineering and/or Computer Science
  • Professinal experience (+ 3 years) as a Developer in JavaScript based techologies, HTML5 and CSS3
  • Experience with JavaScript libraries and frameworks such as React and /or Angular
  • Experience with backend JavaScript frameworks such as Node.js
  • Experience in design patterns while implementing advanced and complex software solutions, namely in API Rest services implementation
  • Experience in data base management tools like MS SQL Server, MySQL or PostgreSQL
  • Experience in using Eclipse, Maven, Jenkins, GIT, JIRA or equivalent tools
  • Team player and technical problem solving skills
  • Strong communication skills (written and spoken)
  • English proficiency

// Learn more about Web Development:

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I have been participating in challenging projects with such amazing people on our team that is always here to help. Besides, the technologies I use are great and we always implement the best practices in every dimension.

Diogo Cardante, Fullstack Developer @Xpand IT
Javascript Full Stack Developer Xpand IT

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