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Innovation and excellence are the main focus of the growth process at Luz Saúde. Their priority was to bring closer users and healthcare facilities and facilitate the communication via mobile channel. Therefore, developing a mobile app was a natural step, and it was also very important to keep providing a quality service to users and their families. This app required technology capable of ensuring the storage of thousands of data that the permitted actions managed, and also the safety of customer personal data because it was specifically developed for a health industry organisation.

Key Benefits:

  • Reinforces the position of Luz Saúde as a company focused on innovation
  • Reduces administrative work
  • Reinforces connections between the user and the Hospital
  • Reduces communication costs and customer support infrastructure
  • Improves customer autonomy
  • Provides a new method of communication

Tecnologias em destaque:

Using Xamarin, it is possible to create multi-platform apps for Android, iOS and Windows. Using this Microsoft technology in the development of apps ensures that everything contributes to a native app: usability, performance, and access to all the APIs provided by the various operating systems. Xamarin faciloitates the reduction of the solution’s time to market and total cost of ownership.

This project’s entire backend and integration mechanisms and central systems from Luz Saúde were implemented using several components from Azure, Microsoft’s cloud platform for app implementation and management. Additionally, using Azure ensures the solution will be adjusted to any workload, regarding users, that the solution may have.

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