Nomad Digital


in Railway Sector with Pentaho

Nomad Digital, a company which provides wireless connectivity solutions to the railway industry,  produces a great deal of data relating to multiple subjects such as telemetry, routes, passengers and WiFi usage. The challenge was to integrate all the data produced by the different systems into a single data warehouse with historical information, providing a centralised view.

Nomad have formed a very strong bond with Xpand IT, ensuring all customers are able to move forward, and continue to grow and develop their strategies.Their knowledge of Nomad’s products and infrastructure have allowed us to offer progressive, forward-thinking solutions, whilst always favouring innovation

Nomad Digital

Key Benefits:

  • Application of complex business rules, allowing further enrichment of analysis by cross referencing information
  • Cost optimisation based on detailed monitoring and identification of patterns of data usage on board trains
  • Cloud integration to simplify maintenance and improve flexibility around resources
  • Simplification of monitoring Service Level Agreements by making all information available on a single platform that also allows ad-hoc exploration
  • Simplified communication with customers by scheduling pre-built reports which are automatically sent by email
  • Broader perspective on KPI analyses

Featured Technology:

Pentaho Data Integration is an enterprise platform ETL tool to accelerate data pipelines; it provides visual tools to reduce complexity and increase productivity.

It has a graphical user interface making it easy to use and has the power to integrate all data types, which includes not only traditional technologies but also a very strong emphasis on big data. This makes it the perfect tool for complex ETL projects.

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