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Maurício Fernandes, Senior Consultant

There’s one phrase that keeps echoing in my mind “Xpand IT. It’s all about the people”. This phrase is written at the entrance of our office in Viana do Castelo. The fact is that any company could have this sentence written in there walls. But the great thing about Xpand IT is that the company actually gives meaning to the phrase, not only about the people that work in the company, but also about the people that they can help.

Ana PaneiroMaurício Fernandes, Senior Consultant
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Carlos Neves, UX & UI Graphic Designer

Team building, solidarity, sports, friendship, gastronomy and culture is only possible in a company where passion for excellence is the motto. A fantastic opportunity to unite even more a team already strong and dynamic. For Xpand IT team the sky is the limit.

Ana PaneiroCarlos Neves, UX & UI Graphic Designer
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Bruno Rocha, Software Developer

Since I’ve become an Xpander, I had the opportunity to go to two amazing events: the 2012 Christmas event (Diner at Lanhoso, which I can still remember how cold I was) and the 2013 Summer Event (spent at the big Mansion). As for the office, it has a really good environment, fresh and with a lot of space. I really enjoy all this adventures with Xpand IT.

Ana PaneiroBruno Rocha, Software Developer
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Saint Germain in Atlassian Marketplace

Xpand IT was very eager to help and very quick to implement changes. They usually respond within the day and implement reasonable (and not so reasonable) new features within a few weeks. Superb customer service!

Ana PaneiroSaint Germain in Atlassian Marketplace
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Sarah Woodhouse in Atlassian Marketplace

Xpand IT is fantastic at customer support. We’ve raised several defects, suggestions and queries in recent months, all of which have been responded to almost immediately and bug fixes have been provided very quickly too.

Ana PaneiroSarah Woodhouse in Atlassian Marketplace
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Via Verde

Xpand IT has implemented a new Order Management solution at Via Verde. Xpand IT’s proposed solution fits our business and not the other way around!

Ana PaneiroVia Verde
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Carlos Cruz, IT Manager, BNP Paribas Personal Finance

Xpand IT is our proven strategic partner. With a strategic plan focused on our needs, we achieved the next level of SOA maturity. Now, we have reached high levels of business agility and reduced costs through business efficiency.

Ana PaneiroCarlos Cruz, IT Manager, BNP Paribas Personal Finance
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Via Verde Portugal

Through the important collaboration with Xpand IT, over 3 million Via Verde customers already have a new option to make operations that until now were possible only on the website or in the Via Verde stores network. This is a very effective channel to engage and interact with customers, allowing them to perform the main operations and making their life easier.

Ana PaneiroVia Verde Portugal
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Paulo Rocha Cardoso, Founder & Managing Director, Comic-Con Portugal

Our partnership with Xpand IT was fantastic and in a short period of time resulted in mobile apps that enhance users’ experience across all devices. This is a very effective channel to engage and interact with event attendees and this project really exceeded our expectations!

Ana PaneiroPaulo Rocha Cardoso, Founder & Managing Director, Comic-Con Portugal
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