Altice Portugal, formerly Portugal Telecom, is one of the largest telecommunications companies in Portugal. In addition to its activity in Portugal with different brands such as Altice Empresas, MEO and Sapo, amongst others, it also operates in France, Israel, Belgium and Luxembourg, the French Antilles/Indian Ocean Area and the Dominican Republic (‘Overseas Territories’). The company’s activity covers different segments in the telecommunications sector: fixed, mobile, multimedia, data and corporate solutions.

It is a customer-oriented company, focused on innovation and execution to meet the needs of digital consumers and is organised by different customer segments, aiming to promote collaboration across functions and platforms and prioritising sustainable value creation for all its customers.

The challenge was to build a single digital solution, capable of managing large volumes of information, that would integrate all of Altice’s needs in one place, not just offering a dedicated portal for the exclusive use of its clients, but also guaranteeing the centralisation of all information.

Discover how Xpand IT helped Altice develop a low-code solution to share cybersecurity reports using Power BI and how different Microsoft Power Platform components were used to achieve the perfect result.

“The decision was made to outsource the standard development to a reliable company, and in this case the company chosen was Xpand IT, not only on Microsoft’s recommendation, but also because we were already satisfied with other projects. In addition, we wanted a solution that would allow for agile incremental development.”

José A. S. Alegria – Chief Security Officer

Main Benefits

  • Aggregation and centralisation of information in a single portal
  • Up-to-date information for users to be able to make decisions with confidence
  • Creation of a portal as an integral part of the SOC service
  • Near real-time online customer access to all the information on their SOC service


Power BI

Power BI enables the transformation of unrelated data into coherent, visually engaging, interactive dashboards and reports, allowing the creation of a business intelligence data-driven organisational culture. Organisations can easily connect to data sources, view and discover what’s important, and share data with anyone, enabling anyone in the organisation to make decisions with confidence through to-the-minute analyses.

Power Pages

Power Pages allows the creation of secure modern websites. Organisations can quickly build websites to deliver essential information and services to their customers. By taking advantage of native integration with the Office suite, the time-to-market of these solutions can be reduced, and the technology’s capabilities can be extended through tools such as GitHub and Azure DevOps.

Power Automate

Power Automate enables the automation of repetitive tasks and the productivity and efficiency of organisations can be increased by creating and using these workflows. Additionally, it enables the use of RPA capabilities along with AI, giving businesses more time to focus on strategic opportunities.

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