Process optimisation with Jira

Auchan is a French retail chain with a global focus. It specialises in grocery retail and daily consumer goods. Recognised for actively driving conscientious change, Auchan is a benchmark in its field.

Find out more about the process optimisation with Jira that Xpand IT developed for Auchan. This initiative aims to revolutionise the organisation’s work and collaboration methodology.

Auchan already used a project management tool with basic functions in their daily operations. However, it did not meet the team’s needs, and as such, delivering projects on schedule was difficult, as the guidelines were not followed, and the project management tool did not achieve the expected level of adoption.

Auchan sought the support of Xpand IT to implement a collaborative solution that could meet their needs.

The primary motivation of the project was to find an efficient working method that would allow them to focus on project delivery and quality, optimise workflows, create new processes and ensure guideline compliance. The ultimate goal was to implement a highly adaptable solution to sustain a new, more agile and effective collaboration methodology across different teams.

With Xpand IT’s support in implementing Jira and adapting the tool to our needs, we centralised our data in one place. We gained the ability to deliver projects efficiently, agilely and straightforwardly. Jira has become an indispensable daily work tool, vital for continuously adapting our processes and methodologies, reflecting the maturity of our work.

Patrícia Almeida  – Head of PMO, Auchan


  • Centralisation and project visibility: real-time monitoring, planning and adaptation of each project’s progress, identifying and correcting delays
  • Team collaboration: collaborative working enhances workflow dynamics across teams
  • Process automation and customisation: streamlining each team’s needs
  • Detailed analyses and reports: the ability to obtain reports and metrics is essential for extracting insights, identifying areas for improvement and supporting informed decision-making


Jira Software

Jira Software, an Atlassian tool, is a project management and task-tracking tool. With this tool, teams and users of various types can assign tasks, control execution times, and collaborate in real-time.

Find out how we helped Auchan sustain a new collaboration methodology

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