Xpand IT is having an Open Day

Xpand IT it’s opening it’s doors to Computer Engineering & Mathematics students / finalists, on May 31th (Tuesday), between 09:00am to the 18:00pm. In this event, the guests will have the opportunity to learn more about the company, its activities, core business and work. If you are one of the lucky one and get selected, you will be able get in touch with the last innovative technologies in Business Intelligence and Microsoft fields. Also, you’ll have the opportunity to contact up close with the best technology specialists and gurus!

In this day, you will be the center of all attention so it’s the perfect opportunity to reveal us your talent! Lunch and coffee breaks are included during the day.

Come and get surprised with everything we have planned for you:



At 09:00am it’s time to make your Check-in

Xpand IT Offices Visit

We will begin with a visit to the office, where you can get close contact with the daily life of our tech experts, know our lounge,  and other entertainment venues.


You will have the opportunity to chat with our Head of Business Units & Experts, to do a “Hands On” with our products and to learns more about Agile Development. All of this in just one unforgettable day!


Show us your skills in a pitch and reveal your talent in the challenge of the day.

Xpand IT Trainee Program

You can have the opportunity to develop new soft skills, to enrich your resume and to enlarge your network of contacts.


At the end, the best talents will be rewarded and will be eligible to earn some prizes (not saying what!).

Send us your application until May 25th and come to know us! Don’t forget to attach your CV. Registration is free but it is limited at the max of 10 attendees and subject to confirmation. So make sure you apply early and snatch up this opportunity.


Learn more about Xpand IT Careers here.
Ana PaneiroXpand IT is having an Open Day


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