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Bruno Rocha, Software Developer

Since I’ve become an Xpander, I had the opportunity to go to two amazing events: the 2012 Christmas event (Diner at Lanhoso, which I can still remember how cold I was) and the 2013 Summer Event (spent at the big Mansion). As for the office, it has a really good environment, fresh and with a lot of space. I really enjoy all this adventures with Xpand IT.

Ana PaneiroBruno Rocha, Software Developer
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Carlos Neves, UX & UI Graphic Designer

Team building, solidarity, sports, friendship, gastronomy and culture is only possible in a company where passion for excellence is the motto. A fantastic opportunity to unite even more a team already strong and dynamic. For Xpand IT team the sky is the limit.

Ana PaneiroCarlos Neves, UX & UI Graphic Designer
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Maurício Fernandes, Senior Consultant

There’s one phrase that keeps echoing in my mind “Xpand IT. It’s all about the people”. This phrase is written at the entrance of our office in Viana do Castelo. The fact is that any company could have this sentence written in there walls. But the great thing about Xpand IT is that the company actually gives meaning to the phrase, not only about the people that work in the company, but also about the people that they can help.

Ana PaneiroMaurício Fernandes, Senior Consultant
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