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Consumer behaviour is changing and rapid adaptation is required. For this to be possible, it is necessary to have a consistent and immediate way of obtaining insights and identifying trends. Only then is it possible to act with the necessary speed in areas ranging from stock management, moving to online sales channels, loyalty programmes or shop management. In this case, it is essential to invest in modern retail analytics solutions that allow the acquisition and visualisation of information to be systematised and, at the same time, explore the data and identify new trends. Traditional reporting solutions, which aim to analyse these indicators in a static way, are not appropriate as they do not allow the necessary agility to explore the data and ask different questions.

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Tracking patterns of consumption is extremely important, but it is not always easy to organise sales using criteria suitable for the various management teams, whether in the physical structure or digital channels. Implementing an analytics solution that aims to consolidate invoicing into dynamic groupings at the most detailed levels not only makes it possible to deal with large volumes and variety of data but also meets the need to have a specific vision for whoever is doing the analysis, whether it is a shop manager, online channel manager or administrator.

In retail, it is important that each business area has knowledge of its entire supply chain, which includes identifying what stock is available, whether in a warehouse or shop. By implementing an analytics solution based on models and visualisations created for this purpose, each stock manager is able to forecast what purchases are necessary from which suppliers, as well as the need for stock outflows and transfers between warehouses and shops.

The need for each shop manager to understand the state of sales throughout the day is increasingly important. This way, it is possible to react at the right time to achieve the expected goals. The implementation of a visualisation solution available on mobile devices allows each shop manager, regardless of where they are, to understand the sales figures throughout the day in comparison with the expected figures.

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