Fertagus, one of the major train companies operating in Portugal, was responsible, before the current pandemic, for about 98 thousand daily trips between the suburban regions of the south bank of the Tagus River and Lisbon. With the brand’s strong concern for safety and sustainability, the development of a mobile application for train drivers was a crucial measure to maintain the quality of service and the safe mobility of its passengers. Therefore, Xpand IT developed an application that would allow Fertagus train drivers to consult the general condition of the fleet or, in other words, to check the conditions for carrying out their work.

“Our focus is to ensure that train drivers have the necessary tools to ensure the highest standards of performance and safety, as this is what defines the quality service that passengers can enjoy when travelling on Fertagus’ trains.

In partnership with Xpand IT, we’ve developed an application using Microsoft Power Apps technology which allows train drivers to consult updated and accurate information on the fleet and also report technical incidents to maintenance services. At the same time, it provides our drivers with updated regulatory information, eliminating the need to print these documents.

With Microsoft Power Apps, this application’s time to market is much shorter, allowing the app to run in record time and still be agnostic of the device operating system, ensuring greater longevity of the solution.”

Paulo Cerqueira – Administrator, Fertagus

Main Benefits:

  • Guarantee updated information for all Fertagus train drivers
  • Complete digitalisation of an internal process crucial to the company’s day-to-day business
  • Centralisation of information about the available fleet in a single application
  • Immediate reporting of anomalies, offering the company complete and accurate information about the status of its fleet

Main Technology Used:

power apps

You can create multiplatform applications by using Microsoft Power Apps and address different internal company scenarios in a faster and more efficient way.

By taking advantage of the native integration with the Office suite, it is possible to greatly reduce the time to market for these applications while guaranteeing their usability and performance.

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