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The transformation of Banco Montepio’s interaction and communication platforms

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Banco Montepio is a historic Portuguese institution, a symbol of trust and closeness with its customers. With the growing demand for digital channels, and the need to continue to stay close to its customers, the bank is renewing its various interaction and communication platforms.

The challenge the bank posed to Xpand IT was the creation and renewal of all of its 360 customer contact points, ensuring consistency between them and promoting the emotional connection between its users and these digital channels.

The Xpand IT team used an internal design thinking methodology to come up with a solution to transform the interaction and communication platforms. This methodology seeks to promote innovation and create relevant competitive advantages. The 3 pillars of design thinking methodology are Understand, Explore and Materialise – 3 steps accomplished by a close partnership between Xpand IT and Banco Montepio throughout the whole process.

“The continuous evolution of our interaction platforms and our journeys is a critical process for continuing to provide the best response to increasingly sophisticated and demanding customers, and to create an increasingly effective and efficient bank. We believe that our partnership with Xpand IT and its methodology and experience is the right formula to achieve this ambition.”

Francisco Pessanha – Responsible for the Channels area, Banco Montepio

Main Benefits:

  • Continuous ideation and iteration to manage the project and expectations;
  • Responses and feedback from users as well as the customer;
  • More effective identification of problems and solutions;
  • Insights contextualised to the design phase;
  • A focus on the user that allows the discovery of opportunities;
  • Automation of processes and experience flows, combined with technology.

Tools and Frameworks:


The Xpand IT team believes that workshops are a good tool for the ideation and facilitation of iterations, both internally and with the client – it allows us to arrive at solutions better and faster, ensuring the management of expectations of all involved.


The introduction of the “know how to think” phase before execution allows teams to decide in a sustained and coherent manner, and is a guiding principle for the whole project.


Excellent documentation equals excellent management of the time and expectations of both the teams and the client – transversal, structured documentation does not require translation for anyone who consults it. Xpand IT has developed a template that fits all teams, allowing simple, direct, contextualised understanding of project documentation.

Design System

Along with project documentation, Xpand IT’s UX team always follows a design system that covers all the relevant components and their respective behaviours and variants, associated with the development of the experience, serving as a playbook for all the teams involved.


Xpand IT promotes the Agile methodology as a way of empowering teams and projects for a pragmatic mindset and orientation – day-to-day teamwork is enhanced with continuous alignment, planning and retrospective work, and the prioritisation of tasks according to the needs and flexibility that each project requires.

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