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We create engaging, user-centred experiences through technology

We create innovative experiences powered by technology.

In the digital economy, the greatest challenge companies now face is how to design and create disruptive and inspiring experiences for their customers. A well-designed experience is one step forward to create more and better engagement with people. It’s exactly by focusing on different people with different expectations, different dreams and different needs that we can build user-centred experiences, never forgetting that technology is at the heart of the most memorable experiences.

Our User Experience (UX) business unit is inspired to create omnichannel experiences that are both purposeful and delightful for end-users and tailored to match our clients’ specific goals and business needs.

We have built a flexible framework to tailor all digital projects to our clients and their organisation’s goals and vision. At its core, every User Experience solution and process should consist of the following key phases, with an agile-driven schedule, and with technology always on the background:

UX Process Journey


We help our clients define their vision and where they want to be with their digital products. Strategy will shape the goals of the project—what the organization is hoping to achieve, how its success should be measured, and what priority it should have.


In this stage, and depending on the project’s complexity we focus on investigating, by using different methods to find out how we can build the best experience possible. We might need to do workshops, surveys, competitive analysis, user interviews, among others to find out exactly what should be addressed.


The aim of the analysis phase is to draw insights from data collected during the research phase, moving from “what” users want/think/need to “why” they want/think/need it.


The goal is to put ideas in front of users, get their feedback, refine them, and repeat. These ideas may be represented by interactive wireframes or functional prototypes, deliberately created in low-fidelity to delay any conversation relating to graphic identity, branding, or visual details.


This phase is where the high-fidelity design is fleshed out, design system and digital assets are created, and a high-fidelity version of the product is validated with stakeholders and end-users through user testing sessions.

How can we help?

Implementing and designing engaging, user-centred experiences involves specific know-how and proficiency. Our UX team of experts has the knowledge and expertise required to help you deliver the experience you need by providing the technical and practical know-how so that you can obtain maximum value at every step of the process.

Everything that we do in the User Experience business unit is infused with our experience in the different technologies we specialize in. The objective is to start the conversation sooner and help shape what we can then help build, whether it is a mobile app or a web portal, an internal application, or an external product. The technologies and partners with whom we work are the ones mentioned in all the other business units.

Success Cases

Interaction and communication platforms

The Xpand IT team used an internal design thinking methodology to come up with a solution to transform the interaction and communication platforms.

Volunteering experience revamp

The aspiration for the new Bolsa do Voluntariado website was to improve and update all the technical architecture and to design a modern experience.

The new generation of digital banking

The Portuguese financial market did not have a specific digital offer for the youth segment, despite the existence of offerings related to payments.

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