BI & Analytics strategy for your B2B product

15th May | 09:00 GMT

The world in which we live in is constantly evolving, and for a company to be able to adapt to all these changes promptly, it needs to become focused on facts and concrete data.

It is in this context that the incorporation of analytics into your software products becomes critical so that it can become more competitive concerning its competition.

Join us on this webinar, and discover all the potential of Tableau, by making your data viewing more accessible and more aesthetically pleasing or by ensuring the use of a complete Modern Analytics platform, which will transport your products to a different level.

What you will learn in this Webinar:

  • How an Analytics solution can complement your product and supply added value
  • Why Tableau is the key tool to allow external users to create their analysis freely
  • What are Tableau’s features to make embedding easier and provide additional flexibility
  • Tableau’s pricing model for this kind of use cases


The Tableau Server provides a rich web environment for users allowing not just to visualize dashboards but also the creation of new analysis. All these processes are done on extremely intuitive UI and Tableau has a very comprehensive set of training materials about it, making it easy to train users.

Ricardo Pires - Partner & Business Intelligence Lead, Xpand IT

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Speaker: Ricardo Pires

Duration: 45 minutes

Date and Time: 15th May | 09:00 GMT

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